Cargo Charter
CT Charter prides itself in running a professional and efficient cargo charter department that strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

We offer a comprehensive fleet of cargo aircraft from the smallest to the biggest, and deliver a special tailor-made service, which will satisfy even the most complicated customer needs.

The high expertise and problem-solving ability of our team will ensure a smooth and delay-free operation throughout.

Oil and Gas

CT Charter understands the priority of keeping oil and gas projects going.

Our aircraft are available for routine as well as extraordinary movements, and are in a state of permanent readiness to deliver outsize or general cargo in the shortest required time to keep the oil or gas rig in operation.

Urgent / Emergency Cargo

Marine misfortunes, mining and energy industry breakdowns, automotive production line halts, oil spills, natural disasters - this is when speed, accuracy and reliability are vital.

CT Charter tailors its own operations to provide priority to crisis solutions in your business.

Dangerous Goods

CT Charter has the unique capability and experience in transporting all types of dangerous goods, including "FORBIDDEN" cargo, strictly in accordance withaviation laws and regulations.

Humanitarian Aid

CT Charter understands the essence of time during International emergencies and disasters which require complex logistical solutions. Our Specialized team will assist and provide the best solutions for Relief and Aid cargo to fly into remote and cut off areas to provide first response goods in the shortest time possible.

High Value cargo

CT Charter understands the high standards of security and confidentiality required for transportation of High Value Cargo. Whatever your valuable cargo is our team will work with you to understand your exact requirements and concerns to ensure safe, secure and reliable movement of your precious cargo.
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