About Us
We are a team of dedicated and professional experts, with close to 35 years of aviation experience. CT Charter is an independent aircraft charter service company specialising in urgent, heavy and outsized cargo around the world, around the clock.

We strive to build long term relationships with our clients, partners and operators in order to achieve our ultimate goal of successful delivery of shipment and a satisfied client. Our years of experience and expertise have proven themselves in a number of successfully performed projects around the world. We are always open to new ideas and continuously striving to establish new forms of businesses and loyal partnerships!
Why Use CT Charter
Our team has extensive and specialist knowledge of different cargo aircraft types and, in particular, Russian built ramp-loading aircraft including the AN12, IL76 and AN124. This expertise and our worldwide network of cargo airlines means we are able to deliver reliable charter solutions.
  • All inclusive logistics solutions offered
  • Personalised service to each client and exceptional flexibility
  • Accuracy and precision in our work
  • Best value for money
  • Loyalty to our clients
  • Experts on outsize and heavy cargo
  • Safe and swift delivery of cargo
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